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Infister Technology vision is to bring and work upon services like Data Engineering , Education And Learning ,Machine Learning.

Every business has an origin story worth telling, and usually, one that justifies why you even do business and have clients. Like us we have a unique and different story to tell you , it a story about the services we provide and our existence of the company. we have came this far overcoming challenges.

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Team member
Mrigank Singh
Founder, CEO

Serial Entrepreneur, business strategist for large global MNCs, certified enterprise architect and start-up mentor are some of the hats he wears.

Team member
Nikhil Pachbhai
Co-Founder, MD

Serial Entrepreneur working at the intersection of Tech, leveraging quant to simplify/deliver scalable/low-latency/infister products and services.

Goal & Mission

Goal & mission

Our Goal is to become an integral part of data modernization programs and lead our client's success, collaborating on key initiatives to achieve their strategic objectives whilst creating long-lasting business value. The comprehensive suite of Infister Technology applications offers all the necessary capabilities to the leadership teams to make smarter decisions based on the readily available and reliable quality data.The agile nature of our efficient teams cater all types of data practitioners needs to our customers.

Infister Technology is a product company that focuses on data. Our self-service products make complex data operations like loading your data into target data platforms, unifying, structuring, cleansing, validating, and transforming. Using its reporting, analytics, advanced analytics, and machine learning modelling capabilities, they give you the tools you need to understand your data.

Infister Technology is a data focused product company. Our self-service products simplify the complex data operations like data ingestion, unifying, structuring, cleansing, validating, transforming and load your data into target data platforms. We empower you to gain insights into your data using reporting, analytics, advanced analytics and machine learning modeling capabilities.


Since 2016, Infister Technology has been the partner of choice for innovative and fast-growing startups thanks to its fully dedicated engineering teams and custom software solutions.

dedicated engineering teams that use tried-and-true big data development services to help clients manage data more effectively and efficiently are their specialty.

Infister Technology is an IT services consultancy and business solution organization that has been patterning from last 7 years. we believe in transformation and building belief



Milestones on the Path to Glory With awards galore, Wipro is one of the most recognized companies in the IT space. Our longstanding reputation is poised to continue with strong growth in the future.

We have received innumerable corporate awards that speak for the innovations introduced by us and the various milestones achieved.

We will consistently achieve top quartile growth by contributing to our customers' success, by enabling our employees to realize their potential and by creating value for all our stakeholders.

We will Rise to be among the top three leaders in each of our chosen market segments while fostering innovation and inclusion.

Best Achievement in Operational Excellence to Deliver Business Transformation Best Achievement in a Process Mining


We at Infister Technology , have a dedicated group of professionals, who are excellent in technical support and maintenance. They are focused on the tasks assigned to them. They believe in high quality work and capable of delivering the work in time. They are highly knowledgeable with immense hard working quality.

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